Something I will never forget <3

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It’s about time for an update on the Year Abroad and also time to kick start my blogging for 2014, which is already looking to be as good as last year.  However this will be my last blog of my time in the Netherlands as it is sadly coming to an end this week 😦 my time here, although stressful in places, has been one of the best and most valuable experiences, and it is something which I am so glad to have done.  We went out with our mentor group on Friday that we were assigned to for our time at Nijmegen University, truly ending things just as they had begun.


Anyway, the last time I had spoken to you I was about to go home for Christmas. I cannot explain how nice it was to come home after over four months away and knowing that everything is exactly the same as when you left (well you hope) . My Christmas break was perfect the only complaint was that it was far too short, but I am going back home again for two weeks before I start my teaching assistantship in Austria in February, so it’s not really that bad. What is strange is the small things that you miss whilst being away. For example   I missed the TV so much that I spent my first day watching Eastenders greatest cliff-hangers, despite not actually watching Eastenders normally. Living in another country means that it’s a lot harder to really speak to friends and family from back home. I was happy that I got to catch up with a lot of my friends over Christmas as it was more than overdue. It was nice to hear what they had been up to whilst I had been living in The Netherlands because; believe it or not Facebook doesn’t actually tell you everything. I sort of felt like I had been living in a different world, so it was great to be surrounded by some familiarity. I manage to spend New Year’s Eve in Brighton as it was one of my friends 21st the next day, so we thought it would be nice to organise something for that.



And then before I knew it, it was time to travel back to Nijmegen for one last time.  January is always one of the dark months for a student because of the exam period and essay writing. For me I was scheduled for 4 exams and 2 research papers- so no fun at all. Plus, for me studying in another country is nearly impossible. I said I was meant to have 4 exams but unfortunately one of the exams had been postponed for two weeks. It’s pretty annoying because it means that I will be in England then, and they didn’t even let us know. We had all turned up ready to do the exam and waited for a while with no appearance from our professor- how crazy. I am putting it down to how the Dutch seem to be so laidback as a county because it just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

So, I am leaving on Friday and heading back to the UK for two weeks before the next adventure. I am quite excited as I have planned a couple of trips for my time at home. I’ll be travelling to Birmingham next week to stay with my sister at her uni house in Stafford. Also, I will finally be returning to my university city, Sheffield- I haven’t been there since June!  It will be great seeing a few of my uni friends, some who I have also not seen since the summer.

Well, apologies for this very boring, typical, update! I’ll leave you with my top 5 best things about my time in the Netherlands:

  1. Being able to get a train that’s not delayed.
  2. Recognising the effectiveness of having a bike.
  3. Learning more about myself
  4. Being able to visit so many beautiful cities.
  5. And last but not least: having the chance to meet so many people from all around the world