Time to say Aufwiedersehen (goodbye) !

My year abroad is over in eight days and I realise that my blogging during my time in Austria has been almost non-existent. It has now come to the point that if I were to tell you everything I have done I would have myself my first ever novel.  Well maybe that is an exaggeration, but just take it as this means I have been so busy enjoying myself and working that everything has been absolutely fine.

Maybe what would be more interesting is to tell you the countries I have visited in my three and a half months here instead, and also the things I have learnt about Austria.

1)      Graz, Austria

2)      Vienna Austria

3)      Salzburg Austria

4)      Ljubljana, Slovenia

5)      Lake Bled, Slovenia

6)      Maribor, Slovenia

7)      Budapest, Hungary

8)      Prague, Czech Republic

9)      Zagreb, Croatia

10)   Split, Croatia

11)   Dubrovnik, Croatia

12)   Zadar, Croatia


Apart from Maribor being just average I loved all of the places I have visited. If I had to say which were my favourite places they would be Ljubljana, Salzburg and Prague. Ljubljana was a pleasant surprise. We do not often hear much about Slovenia, but being so close to it here in Austria I wanted to explore it.  Vienna is a beautiful city and it is full of Grand and cultural buildings, such as Schönbrunn Palace which is my favourite palace I have ever seen.  Prague was not a letdown; it is one of the cities which people rave about so my expectations were particularly high and so now are my recommendations for you to go there.  Budapest was another place on my list of places to go and visit. In Nijmegen I had made friends with a girl from Budapest so I really did not need another reason to go.  What I have enjoyed the most about the places which I have travelled to is being able to explore a bit of Eastern Europe. Before this I had not done any of this side of Europe, and it was interesting to see the differences.   There are always more places that you want to see, but I think that I have done okay for the time I have been in Austria.


Maybe I should mention a bit about Güssing. From my first post you would have figured that Güssing is not an ideal place for someone like me. However, it does prove the point that something is what you make it. When I first arrived I thought that I would never like being in a small town. But I can truly say after my time here that I am glad I was given a small town rather than a city. I can go to Vienna any day (if I want), but Güssing I wouldn’t. I feel as though I had a true Austrian experience and I feel as though I have got to know people a lot better than I would have if I were in a city. You soon recognise faces and surroundings, and I think that it has been a far more valuable experience for me and my German being here.  I have made the most of travelling at weekends because I know that staying in Güssing would soon become boring if I were to be here for the whole weekend. In this sense it has encouraged me to travel and I am not sure whether this would have been the same if I were elsewhere.  I then appreciate coming back to a small town after tiring myself out travelling.  I have come to love the town mainly for its simplicity and sense of community. I don’t think that I have ever been in a place quite like this. It is kind of how I imagine the olden days to be like, with the independent bakeries and shops, the vast land, the quietness and the beautiful houses which all look different from one another- not to mention the castle on the top of the hill. Maybe these are the things that I like the most about it.


So it is my last week in Austria and what would I say I will miss the most about living in Austria? Here are a few of my favourite Austrian things 🙂

  1. The coffee here is amazing and it has made Starbucks seem just ordinary ( this is big news for anyone who knows me)
  2. I will miss being near so many countries when I am back living on an island.
  3. The Austrian food is amazing and is responsible for any sort of weight gain. I love the Manner wafers a lot I stuffed all varieties in my bag for home so that I can spread the love to my family.
  4. I did not realise how big and diverse Austria was: I was ignorant to the diverse accents and dialects and this was interesting to see.
  5.  I love how they give you a glass of water with your coffee which is perfect if you can’t decide whether you want a coffee or a cold drink.
  6. All the cities are so beautiful!
  7. Last but not least the (mostly) very friendly people in Burgenland that go out of their way for you.



Tschüs Burgenland! It’s been a pleasure!